Hail, O Gentle Reader…

My name is Hibah Shabkhez. I am a writer.

Of the young & aspiring type. Bursting with talent and ambition, with stories to tell which will be simply awesome when I’ve finished writing them, but pretty scarce on time to write in, and fairly clueless as to what I’m supposed to do anyway.

So I just push on, writing down everything that I can: stories, poems, plays, essays, ramblings about stuff. And I read everything I can find, from Chaucer to blog posts. I’m also working on my first novel, but that might take a merry while yet…

Comments, advice, links, etc. would be very welcome indeed. If you’re a writer too, and want me to read some of your work, or to help in any reasonable way, please do let me know. I’ll do it if I can. You can comment on the post or send me an email. (hibahshabkhezxicc@gmail.com)

This blog is based on one simple idea: if you are a writer, you write. Voilà tout.

Good rest to all who keep the Jungle Law…

Hibah Shabkhez/ Sarusai Hiryu

Do drop me a line!

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