A Limbo of One

My soul is lost. I can’t find it there anymore… There is a shard of something stuck in my soul. A small piece of petrified, broken-off soul, like a splinter of a shell stuck in a war-wound that will not let it heal. But then, what would you? A soul cannot be probed. It cannot … Continue reading A Limbo of One


You do not see at all…

A guest post by ‘The Frostbitten’ (Ibreez Shabkhez) I don’t care what it looks like to anybody, but I am working. If all you want to do is remind me of the obvious dangers involved, then it would, perhaps, be more appropriate to scream at a mirror- we all have problems… mine ends in a … Continue reading You do not see at all…

Heal Me Slowly

Heal me slowly, O death, heal me slowly Leave me the day’s dying light Come for me gently in the night Heal me slowly, O death, heal me slowly Leave me a little while my pain Let me watch a sun set again Heal me slowly, O death, heal me slowly The scent of new-born … Continue reading Heal Me Slowly

Leached Sand

The cloud-enshrined sun The waves leaching away the sand A whole world undone Rose rayonnante de perle Soleil soudé aux nuages Un sourire de mère Mussed baby petals A rose-stem cut ere the thorn A life rudely shorn

The Old Green Hill

Once upon that old green hill I waited alone in the rain Then, I cursed that bleak grey hill; Now, I would buy it back with pain One yellow mango A slice of the sun for me One fistful of glee