A Table for Two

Once upon a time there was a lonely little cottage on the bleakest mountaintop in the whole world. Inside this cottage lived a lonely little wolf.  She always set the table for two and kept a freshly trimmed lamp in the window after sunset. But no one ever came to see her. This made her … Continue reading A Table for Two


The Vanishing Monkey

(A guest post by Maiza Shabkhez) There was a little yellow cottage on a hill, inside which lived a little brown monkey. He loved to go and tease people here and there, so they got annoyed. One day he threw a stone at a very large and grumpy bear. The bear got angry and ran … Continue reading The Vanishing Monkey

On Splintered Souls

So. What do I do now? My soul is in ruins. You know why; I won’t go into that. La Force, oui, but now it seems to me that the seeds of ruin were sown much sooner … Let all that bide for now. One day I must face those years again, and all the … Continue reading On Splintered Souls