A Proper Confession

“You know me as a hunter,” began Mr Fox “a warrior, a leader among fox-kind … But – alas! It was not always so. There was a time when –” Who shall blame him if his voice faltered to confess it? “I became a Subject of Mockery – at the hands of Poultry!” Poultry! It … Continue reading A Proper Confession


I will Grow Up

A guest post by ‘Soul Less Fanwarrior’ (Savez Shabkhez) In time I'll be immune to the pain, In time I'll learn to ignore the need to say or do something. In time, I'll learn the art of ignoring someone as they talk (or text) In time, I will harden my heart to the world. In … Continue reading I will Grow Up

Salvaged Clichés

Success is not about having enough but about being enough - enough of a human being, enough of a parent, enough of a friend - to be happy yourself and to make those you love happy. Love is total acceptance, be it of a person, of a thing, or of an idea. Whether you love … Continue reading Salvaged Clichés