Dragon Will Soar

In the sunsoaked russet-green hills of Ycenna, in these pretty colinettes with twinkling green slopes cloaked ever so gently by winter, there is a contented exquisiteness of blue-green lakes and rivers the size of a rue. It is a world of plenty, fecund and joyous, in which the promise of ecstasy whimpers and dies unfulfilled.

I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains … Here on the rim of this solicitously nursed chateau, the highest pinnacle this softly sloping land will afford me this day, I gaze down upon row after row of little boxes made ever so very charmingly out of the comeliest ticky tacky, and somewhere in the dragon-clouds upon the horizon the wild siren-song stirs.

Capricious, whimsical, they tease themselves into echoes of those sky-piercing crests, and fain would I leap forth now from this mould-dimmed rock, letting the wind cradle me until my wings are unfurled, ready to bear me hence.

To bear me unto the Once Upon a Time where true mountains dwelt, where one swore without irony to be good and noble and true for evermore. Where the dream-castles quakingly begun in the smoggy air of the plains became the only dwellings for our souls, so that afterwards when we returned to scurrying upon the belly of the earth our souls yearned for them, with a strangled inarticulate longing that did not know its own name.

I shall spread out my wings and sail into the sky, into the Beyond where no bus will take me, heedless at last of bookings and baguettes, far, far away from this staid cloying loveliness that rends my heart by its resemblance to the realm that it is not.

And there in that realm, in the glory and the lightening of the soul of the world, I shall cry out in chorus to its crescendo until every fibre of my being is attuned to its immortal quiver. An eagle prey to the sheer wildness of its castle, a dragon whose fire burns always within, consumed, become wholly a vessel of that supreme and unsurpassed beauty that will ravage the depths of its being, yet bring it a strange obliterating bliss of which easier, cheerier worlds know naught.

Over the sea, enormous, enticing, utterly alien, I will soar, and over the plains, lying placid and unremarked like bread underneath the pizza of the world; over deserts with the cruel sparse promise of a half-grown bud choked by thorns; over the forests with their abundance of danger and of delight – until I come finally upon my pine-tressed rivages scything their way right into the heavens.

One thought on “Dragon Will Soar

  1. Some good stuff up in there. An idea writing of sorts. Very similar to a lot of things you write. Just exploring an instant, a feeling.
    Good stuff.
    One wonders where it could fit into a bigger writing. But I’m not sure it could. Maybe this is all this passage was meant to be.

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