Jotted Down What I Heard Me Saying, And…

Rejection Letters

“This metaphor in the third poem is amazing, and the last line – gut-punch! Should we shortlist it?”

“This is an experimental poetry magazine and that frigging rhymes. No.”

“So we …”

“So we send a rejection.”

Dear Numpty L—-,

Thank you for your submission. While we appreciate the chance to read your work, we regret that we are unable to accept it for publication. You’re really good, but did you have to rhyme, like, every second line? It does say ‘experimental’ and ‘avant-garde’ in the guidelines, you know.

We wish you the best of luck finding homes for these poems!


Y– S—


“Onto the next one… Okay, this is pretty experimental. Good too.”

“Yes … But the writer lives in X–. This is a print magazine with no budget and that’s half-way around the world.”

“So … Okay, yeah, got it.”

Dear Writer who lives in a…

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