Minefield of Pain

My mémoire is a minefield of pain
Each word worms into my chafed flesh
Like the trickling salt of summer sweat,
The aftertaste of taunts laughed away

Cette étude explore once again
Oases left unfed to the thresh;
Ouvre again the gashes that let
The fell words m’effacer, m’écraser

Foul acid-rain showers, they still slough
Shield after shield from the memory
Bound to each staid academic word,
Whittling my brain to a bleeding mush

To the frenzied child who cannot grow
Nor age enough to learn to bury
The old terror of a whiplash heard,
Or strip scars of power to recrush

Yet from this être like a choked scream,
From this self-loathed weakness amain fled,
Theses I wring for the academe
Drawn as rotting teeth with tugging thread

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