Come One, Come All

Fevers of the Mind

Come One, Come All


To Señor Örümcek’s Human Circus

Greatest Show On Earth!

Wholesome Fun for the Whole Family!

Sunday, September 5

“It’s silly to be afraid of an insect,” said a deep man-voice from behind the door.

“Ooh, a newbie!” said Hava Fare to his brother, craning his neck to see over the rows in front. “I love it when they have a newbie.”

“You don’t understand!” said Hava and Atesh together, at the same time as a woman-voice behind the door.

“She always says that,” scowled Toprak Fare, sticking her ear-buds back in.

“I’m going in now,” said the man-voice.

“Well, I think it’s cruel to torment the poor creatures,” said Su Fare.

“Don’t cry, Su. They’d kill us in a cat’s pounce if they could,” said Hava. “Here, have some water.” He put his arm around her but kept his eyes on the…

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