Alack, The Ashen Waves of the Sea
A silken string of quatrain-chaunts, to be read in the space of a smile.

Dew Drops in the Rain
With mangoes and imbeciles, tyrannical parrot-generals and bread that will insist on burning, we have here a rather whimsical collection of poetry in three languages: English, Urdu and French.

Into the Darkness (with Savez, Ibreez, Zorez, Areez, Naukhez and Maiza Shabkhez.
From Nakushita, the Kingdom of the Last Room, the Shabkhez Family brings you our own unique blend of whacky fun and ‘profound’ philosophy, of Love and Light and Laughter wedded to Darkness and Sorrow.–Stories–Poems-by-Shabkhez-Hibah-Savez-Ibreez-Zorez-Areez-Naukhez-Maiza.aspx?

A Survival Guide for Young Writers
Aye, art thou among the misguided creatures this world doth call writers? Then, my child, This waifling of a booklet is for thee.

Bahishté-fi-sabeelillah-hum-hast! (with Farah Shabkhez)
Here’s a modest selection of verses from Iqbal’s Urdu and Persian poetry, compiled and translated into French.–Traduction-fran-aise-de-vers-choisis-de-la-po-sie-de-Muhamma-by-Shabkhez-Hibah-Farah.aspx?


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