The Golden Locket

See that little girl in white With the golden locket? She is what you could be She is what you would be If I had a penny in my pocket L’artiste a son atelier Le fleuriste a son bouquet Écrivaine sans histoire Qu’est-ce que donc j’ai ?


A Feather from a Secret World

Before it can be written as a seamless whole, every snippet of its shadow that can be caught must be pinned to paper. Nakushita. The Land of the Lost…You’re wrong there. Lose yourself it, and you’ll find your way through. But can you do it? Can you trust, you who lie hourly to yourself and … Continue reading A Feather from a Secret World

O Ye Scum of the Earth…

I’m an unknown new writer, but then I’ve written stories since I turned ten Here’s the ripping tale of a grey-winged hen Will you publish it for me, please? Back! Scum of the earth, I bid ye cease! Begone! O ye scum of the earth, avaunt! I’ve a DELF a DALF, a TOEFL to match … Continue reading O Ye Scum of the Earth…