Mangoes for Mango People

Rising, rolling upon the wind
Escaped Summer’s first breath
Taloned, sweat-spiked, eagle-winged,
To my cosy peace is death

The serene long dark of Winter
The gentle mist-mellowed cool
The burning Sun shall now splinter
Thy placid rest, O dreaming fool!

Raisins, almonds, peanuts, farewell!
Fish, I hunt ye no more!
Back, snug blanket, ye blazing hell,
Whose comfort I loved so sore!

Quick! Turn on the fan, the cooler, the AC
What? No light? Now what am I to do?
No, retreat inside, my friend, inside prithee
I love not so scorching a hue!

Sweat sears down my spine
Prickles, pinches, itches, bites
Scarcely swallowing these oaths of mine
I shake my fist at the mocking kites

All is misery, all is shent
In Summer’s ruthless blaze
I have not even the strength to vent
My anger ’fore that ruthless gaze

But wait! What is this I see?
Bright yellow, sweet bright yellow
The colour of the Sun? Aye, let it be –
My dear fellow, ’tis a MANGO!

Noble Summer! O blest Season!
For all thy wretched sweat and heat
Thy Mangoes I deem enough reason
To smile even as I my curses bleat!

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